Saturday, 19 October 2013

Even More Wurrtemburger pics: Foot Artillery, Chevau-Leger and Jaeger zu Pferd Regiments

More Painted Wurttamberg Figures. These are the 4th Regiment of Jaeger zu Pferd Konig.
4th Regiment Konig

Pink and Yellow. If your going to war you might as well clash.

Guy on the end is trying to pretend he's not with them

Rear view of Konig

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6lb Wurrtemburg Artillery. Most of their artillery was provided by the Austrian or French armies

Chevau Leger Regiment (Leib)
Chevau leger Regiment Lieb

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warpaintjj said...

Those are simply gorgeous uniforms - clashing is an under statement! Must get this Regiment for myself!
Best wishes,

Glenn said...

Very nice!