Monday, 19 May 2014

Special Birthday Offer

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Having mulled it over for some time Jono and I have decided to launch a special offer to all customers ,old and new. Please note this offer does not apply to the online store

Jono is 40 years old this June and so we have decided that from the 1st of June 2014 until 31st December 2014 we will offer the following:

For customers whose PAINTING + BASING cost comes to over £600 and who pay total cost UPFRONT we will give you a 10% reduction on the cost of painting and basing.

Customers who have us buy their figures for them will still get the 10% reduction of the Manufacturers recommended retail price.


Customer A sends us figures. Quote for painting only is for £700. If customer pays all UPFRONT total will be £630

Customer B ask us to purchase figures. Total comes to £700 for figure purchase and £700 for painting. If customer pays as normal quote would be £630 for figure purchase and £700 for painting. If customer pays UPFRONT cost will be £630 for figure purchase and £630 for painting. Saving £140.

Any questions feel free to email us at
If this proves popular we may decide to make it permanent.

Thanks for your continued business and support


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