Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Latest Update

So latest update. Its been the Easter break and the kids have been off school but despite the noise, sticky hands, royal wedding and incessant demands for more batteries for the Wii remotes we have still been busy. The saga of the Napoleonic Portuguese continues and we anticipate finishing those in the next week. The first two of four battalions are going in the post on Thursday so that they can be based up in time for the charity event. The last two will be hot on their heels. Good luck to the lads at the Scarborough Wargames Club. Hope all goes well.

28mm Portuguese Line

Completed Battalion

Meanwhile the High Elf army was completed including the impressive flying unit. This was great fun to paint being slightly different from the more historical lines that we paint. The GW figures are lovely but a bit pricey. My lad has just started getting interested in Warhammer 40k and I feel his birthday this month is going to hurt my pocket.

There are worse ways to go into battle.

Back to 28mm Napoleonic and the Regiment of French Irelandis have been completed and posted out. Its a pity that the original number of figures in this regiment was reduced from 36 to 24 at the request of the commissioner as they would have looked fantastic all together.

The Irish ,ready for a fight. Pity their fighting for Napoleon.

The huge of batch of 28mm German Ancients is also nearing completion. This screaming horde looks pretty cool on the gaming table and this picture shows only two thirds of them.

The tribe prepare to defend the SKY box

Shock News!! German Tribal Leader goes to war with a bra on his head.

Load of other stuff is also progressing well. A Greek 15mm army has taken the field (no picture sorry) to do battle on fields of glory. A mass of 28mm British Cavalry and artillery are limbering up and we should be seeing some results soon. The 4th Kings Own Regiment are marching across the painting table toward Waterloo. Unfortunately at the moment they are doing so without heads and arms as there bodies are much easier to paint without limbs getting in the way. A horde of 28mm Prussians have also entered the fray and are progressing nicely. If this sounds like we have a lot on at the moment, you would not be wrong. That said at the moment we are turning out between 200 and  300 28mm figures a month so if your waiting for figures don't worry.We can't paint any faster than we are without going without sleep and your turn will come.



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