Friday, 27 May 2011

Now that the ash has settled

The press rejoiced. The world is going to end. Life as we know is over. The Icelandic volcano is going to plunge us into the dark ages and we are all going to start travelling by cruise ship. Ash will darken the skies and seize eng.. ohh its stopped. Never mind Barack Obama apparently makes good beef burgers.

Whilst the world has been caught up with what Mrs Obama has been wearing we have been busy painting. No pictures this week as I haven't had time but this is just a short note to let you all know what is happening.

5 Regiments of 28mm British Cavalry are nearing completion and should go out in the next week.

A regiment 0f 28mm French Hussars is about to wing its way to Hong Kong along with a few Portuguese cacadores. A British Line regiment (4th Kings Own) will be following on behind.

A 15mm French Battalion is forming up for a last push before making its way to northern ireland.

Two battalions of Portuguese line have trooped off to Scarborough to join the world record attempt. We hope to post pictures of the event at the end of June.

A horde of German 28mm ancients is having a party on the painting table although I suspect that the plastic warlord roman legionnaires slowly forming up at the other end may crash it.

A large number (about 60) of 28mm Napoleonic Russian infantry is also nearing completion.

As you can probably tell we are working like dogs at the moment and are trying to get through the orders we have as quickly as possible.


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