Friday, 21 October 2011

Price Changes

After two years of business we are finally having to raise our painting prices. Unfortunatley the rising cost of figures,paint,basing materials and postage means that we have to do so in order to make it worthwhile painting somebody elses figures.   For those of you who have already sent us figures or have recieved quotes for commisions we will honour those prices that you have been given. All future orders from the website and commisions will be charged at the new rates. These are shown below:

The table below gives a cost per figure for painting and varnishing .Add the amount below to the cost of the unpainted figures.

                                   6mm          10mm       15mm      20mm           25/28mm
Infantry/Gunners         £0.40          £0.60        £1.00        £1.60          £2.50 
Cavalry                      £0.65          £1.00        £1.60        £2.40          £3.50
Guns/Limbers             £0.30          £0.45        £1.00        £2.00          £3.00
Unmounted horse       £0.25          £0.40        £0.60        £0.80          £1.00
Tanks/Trucks             £1.00         £1.50         £2.00        £4.50          £7.00

Too have figures Based add 5% to cost.

Postage  is now charged at a flat rate of 5% with a minimum of £2 and a maximum of £30

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