Thursday, 20 September 2012

Latest commissions off the table

Its been a while since our last blog. With the terrific summer of sport and the kids holidays its been pretty full on but we have still been turning out the figures.

Here's just a quick look at some of those that have graced the painting tables recently.

Our second batch of Napoleonic Portuguese Infantry and Artillery for this particular customer. These are eagle figures I think. All the paints are Vallejo. The figures have been highlighted ,given a wash and then Matt varnished. Bottle tops are courtesy of Coca Cola.

Paint schemes came from one of the Osprey reference books and a reference volume of Napoleonic uniforms.

15mm Field of Glory Army

Another revisit from another customer. If you have seen earlier blogs you may remember that we featured a 15mm Cossack army. This time its knights and peasantry.
There was a lot of metal involved here and this was somewhat of  a marathon to get these finished. We tried to stick to one set of colours to give the army some uniformity.

28mm Napoleonic British Artillery

This is one of my favourite kits out their at the moment. The Victrix artillery is our most requested unit. All paint is Vallejo again and in this case the figures have been based and varnished

28mm Mexicans

There were 61 of these figures in the order split into two Regiments. The figures pictured are of the 1st Mexican Line Regiment. The uniforms are Foundry French uniform dark shade with a highlight of the Light shade. The rest of the paints are Vallejo. Further details can be found in an osprey book on the Mexican war. The 6mm figures in the background are Heroics and Ross WWII British which are being painted up as Royal Marines for a Sword Beach scenario which some of our local club members are fighting shortly. We will post pics when they are finished.

28mm Napoleonic British Heavy Dragoons

Boy did we have a nightmare with this order. Initially we had ordered for the customer some Victrix metal Dragoons. After a lot of waiting and messing about and a number of emails to a usual supplier (most of which went unanswered) we finally discovered that Victrix had sold their entire range of Metal figures to some company in the states and their were no figures to be had. So we had to replace the cavalry figures with Perry figures. To be fair their is not a lot of difference in the quality or size of the figures. The uniforms are Foundry British scarlet and the Nags have been painted using the Foundry horse colours range. All have been washed and Matt varnished.

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