Monday, 26 August 2013

1809 Napoleonic Austrians

These are Front Rank miniatures

1809 Austrian and Hungarian Grenadier battalions. Formed from the companies of the line regiments into grenadier battalions. These fellows are destined for the East coast of Australia.

Four Battalions of Austrian Grenadiers

 Grenadiers of the 24th(Dark Blue),30th(Grey),and 41st(yellow) battalions combined together into the Brzeczinski Battalion
Grenadiers of the 14th (Black) 45th (Crimson) and 59th (Orange) Battalions were formed together into the Puteani Battalion 
German and Hungarian Grenadiers

Elements of the Scovaud Brigade

Rear View of the Puteani Battalion
Hungarian Grenadiers of the 32nd (Light Blue)and 51st (Dark Blue) Hungarian battalions combined with the German Grenadiers of the 31st (Yellow) Battalion to form the Scharlach Battalion

A Hungarian officer steadies the Line

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