Sunday, 21 April 2013

1809 Wurttemburgers

Fresh off the painting table are these 1809 Wurttemburgers. These 28mm figures are from Front Rank Miniatures and have been painted using Vallejo and foundry acrylics and then washed and matt varnished. We have been painting a lot of Front Rank figures recently and have found the quality excellent

Pictured are a number of line battalions and a light infantry battalion plus the 1st Regiment of Chevaulegers.

Painting sources and uniforms have been from empire/ and both of which provide excellent information on the period.

Each Regiment had two battalions and the Regiments shown in these pictures are the 6th Kronprinz, the 2nd  Herzog Wilhelm and the 1st Von Phull as well as the 1st light infantry battalion commanded by Von Wolff.

1st Light Infantry battalion
1st Regiment Herzog Heinrich

1st Battalion von Phull

rear view Herzog Wilhelm

rear view Kronprinz battalion

Rear view 1st Light Battalion

Skirmish stand Kronprinz regiment (white facings,red piping and yellow buttons)

More pics to follow shortly.
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