Monday, 20 January 2014

28mm Napoleonic French (Retreat from Moscow)

Another commission ,this one for a collection of Perry miniature Retreat from Moscow figures. These have been painted with Vallejo acrylics , washed and Matt varnished. There are some excellent poses and the figures are as always with the Perry brothers a pleasure to paint.

French Stragglers

This guy is in real trouble. No weapon, no warm clothing and he looks just about done in.

This fellow looks much better prepared to survive a Russian winter.

This chap just looks like he is determined to get home

Without a shako or other headgear to single him out this fellow could be a soldier from any Winter army

Dismounted cavalry, still full of beans (or horse flesh)

I painted this fellow as a dismounted Captain from the 7th Hussars. The red sash is not standard uniform but has probably been (liberated) from a body

A cuirassier now armed with a infantry mans rifle. Needs must.

A dismounted Dragoon looking more like a highway man than a French trooper.

French officers (the guy with the Red headgear is using a crutch and has his right foot amputated and bandaged)

Anyone know the way to Paris

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