Sunday, 11 December 2016

6mm ACW scenery tiles

I recently decided to have ago at creating the first of my 6mm building tiles. The first incorporated the flex farm base from total battle miniatures which I stuck down and then blended into the stand before painting and flocking and adding a tree and some accessories from perfect six. I still have some coloured flower bushes to add which I have on order (god bless Ebay). This tile will be used as a small village or collection of farms.

The second is a town/city sector. The roads through the town are a minimum of 20mm wide giving me the ability to place the Perfect Six barricade sets into the roads to indicate if a town has been fortified.I can also then place some of the stands from an occupying brigade behind those barricades to show that the town is defended. I just need to add a few small accessories and a few small bushes to break up the lines a little. 

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