Monday, 26 September 2011

Legion Irelandis

Another popular commission request. Irish fighting for Naploeon.

Roman Imperial Archers

Foundry miniatures roman archers 28mm metals. Part of a commission of imperial romans.

Unit now available on the website.

Monday, 19 September 2011

latest updates

Latest figures to march of the table

A british infantry battalion. Represents the 31st foot. Victrix figures. GMB flags
The 31st Foot were granted the following battle honours
  • Talavera (27 July 1808: awarded 1823)
  • Albuhera (16 May 1811: awarded 1816)
  • Vittoria (21 June 1813: awarded 1823)
  • Pyrenees (28 July – 2 August 1813: awarded 1817)
  • Nivelle (10 November 1813: awarded 1823)
  • Nive (9 – 13 December 1813: awarded 1823)
  • Orthes (27 February 1814: awarded 1847)
  • Peninsula (1808 – 1814: awarded to 2nd Battalion in 1815, to whole regiment in 1825)

Yet another set of Portuguese Cacadores. Very popular with the Generals these guys.

And now for something a little different


or Space Beasties aka Tyranids

Nearing completion French Battalion, Roman Archers and a squad of Irelandis

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

French 1804 Infantry Battalion

Latest unit to roll of the paint table

1st Battalion 15 Regiment of Line

These are Victrix figures painted and based on 20mm ply stands. Available on the website.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Saturday, 3 September 2011


Heres what on the table at the moment with an anticipated completion period from today. We will put some pics up on Sunday

assorted tyranids                                                         2 weeks

portuguese cacadores (command + rifles) 16 figures    2 days

portuguese cacadores  (8 figures)                                4 days

french voltiguers                                                          1 week

roman auxilary regiment                                              2 days

roman pretorians + archers+ command                       2 weeks

british foot regiment                                                    1 week

2 french infantry battalions                                           First one this week , second in a fortnight

british artillery batttery + KGL                                    3 weeks

french hussars                                                             4 weeks

In from the Cold

Computers dont you just love them. having spent the last few months communcating/paypalling by I phone we are finally back with a working desktop.

In the meantime we had a small attempt at expanding the business outside of the family only to have to do the work ourselves again. Won't do that again.

In the meantime we have turned out two regiments of roman legionaires, a horde of german ancients, a hussar regiment, a british line regiment, two regiments of napoleonic russians, 2 french regiments a number of portuguese cacadores and are within a few weeks of turning out a roman auxilary regiment, two early napoleonic french battalions a britsh rifle regiment and a mass of british artillery plus a number of commision articles. We have finally made a sizeable dent in the backlog of stuff we had growing on the work table.

Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback  that we have been recieving and to our return customers that keep us ticking over.