Tuesday, 3 April 2012

2nd Battalion 69th (South Lincolnshire) Foot

Another unit recently dispatched is a set of Victrix Waterloo Infantry here shown in the colours of the 69th Foot.

2nd Battalion, 69th Foot (1803-1816)
Raised under the Additional Forces Act, July 1803, the battalion took part in the disastrous assault on Bergen op Zoom in March 1814. Later, as part of Halkett's 5th British Brigade, the battalion was badly cut up at Quatre Bras due to mishandling by the Prince of Orange and lost its King's Colour. The three battalions of the brigade were caught in line formation by the Cuirassiers of Kellermans command and the 69th were the hardest hit.
On 18th June 1815 the battalion fought again at Waterloo and with that service added the battle honour 'Waterloo' to the colour of the 69th Regiment. During the battle the 5th Brigade were heavily engaged by French cavalry and artillery and were subsequently among the first to be hit and overwhelmed by the advance of the Middle Guard whilst in the process of changing from square to line. The battalion once again took heavy casualties and along with other units of Halketts brigade they broke.  The battalion was disbanded in 1816 as part of a general plan of demobilisation and its remaining personnel absorbed into the 1/69th Foot, then serving in India.

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